Analyst: Bitcoin could face biggest Bull Run in history

Bitcoin continues to inspire bullish trends as it has broken through the important resistance at $7,500 an ounce and moves towards $8,000 an ounce. In fact, a senior analyst believes that Bitcoin “may be on the threshold of the biggest Bitcoin bull run in history.

eToro’s lead market analyst about Bitcoin profit

Bitcoin profit has been rising for days and managed to overcome the important $7,500 resistance. Indicators suggest that Bitcoin profit could continue to rise, although the past has shown that it doesn’t take much to initiate a trend change. A strong sell-off could still push Bitcoin slightly towards $5,000. However, eToro’s senior market analyst believes the biggest bull run is about to start by tweeting the following via Twitter:

We may be on the threshold of the biggest Bitcoin Bull Run in history.

Game Changer proven by onlinebetrug

The recent trend change followed a series of positive news by onlinebetrug. More and more traditional investors and institutions enter the crypto market (Blackrock), the infrastructure around Bitcoin is improved by technical progress like SegWit and Lightning and by solutions like onlinebetrug Coinbase Custody.

Romal Almazo, Cryptocurrency Lead at Capco, said in an interview to that Tier 1 banks and financial institutions are beginning to weigh their options against the crypto currency market.

I really notice Blackrock, because the arrival of institutional money will change the game. It should not be forgotten that the crypto market still accounts for less than 1 percent of the daily volume of the foreign exchange market.

Any signs of big players entering the market will create big waves. Although I personally believe that we are still a few years away from reaching this turning point, we are in what I would call a research phase when it comes to institutions and crypto.

However, no one should expect institutional investors to get involved in a timely manner. There are still some obstacles, but the infrastructure is already under construction.

Before banks invest in crypto currency, they need a secure storage process with low settlement risk. We are still far from offering the usual level of quality assurance facilities such as Blackrock. However, this is likely to change as the technology develops.

We recently reported that Barry Silbert feels that we have reached the low point. A major bull signal will be the Bitcoin ETF decision, which the entire crypto currency market eagerly awaits.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash – Price analysis

The Bitcoin price recovered and breached the bearish trend line on the 4-hour chart
In addition, a small double bottom has formed in this time window.

However, the technical indicators suggest that the declines could still continue
The bitcoin price broke above the descending trendline to signal a possible reversal. However, the oscillators seem to indicate that further downward pressure is possible.

Technical Indicators Signals for the Bitcoin trader

The 100 SMA is still below the longer-term 200 SMA to signal that the path of least resistance to the downside is. This suggests that selling pressure for the Bitcoin trader will continue. The 100 SMA seems to act as a resistance for now. On the 4-hour chart, BTC has breached the bearish trendline, however, an upward trend is not yet expected.

The moving averages, the oscillators and the price itself confirm that downward pressure still exists. The RSI has reached overbought conditions after the steep upward movement and is pointing down, indicating that selling pressure is increasing.

The stochastic also points to a return of selling pressure without having reached overbought conditions. If the bears return, Bitcoin could still fall below the trend line and continue the slide towards $5,800 an ounce.

TradingView’s Bitcoin Chart for the Ethereum Code

Market factors Bitcoin had a strong price increase within a few hours. This is particularly confirmed by the Ethereum code review statement that Bitcoin only needs ten days to reach new highs. We just reported yesterday evening that the CEO of the popular trading platform Bitmex* is confident that Bitcoin will reach $50,000 in 2018.

DeepOnion Coin – Security and anonymous transactions

The DeepOnion Coin combines the technologies of the crypto currencies with those of the TOR network and thus offers absolute security and anonymity.

DeepOnion Coin – What is this Bitcoin code?

The DeepOnion crypto currency is an important Bitcoin code scam that is sent via the TOR network. TOR itself is based on the idea of “Onion Routing” and means “The Onion Router”. TOR encrypts data traffic so that you can browse the Internet, send messages or use P2P almost completely anonymously. With the help of the wallet, the Deep Onion Coin, also called ONION for short, can be sent over the TOR network. The development began because Bitcoin could not satisfy the growing security needs of the developers. What’s more, it’s no longer safe for them to carry out transactions with Bitcoins, this crypto currency isn’t really “crypto” anymore.

Another special feature of the DeepOnion development is that two algorithms are used to create new blocks. First, the common proof-of-work algorithm is used. Bitcoin also uses this algorithm, but in the future it could lead to problems with the scaling and speed of the blockchain. Therefore, the blockchain of the coin slowly changes to the proof-of-stake method. Here the holding and freezing of the coins on the DeepOnion Wallet is important and leads to this. At regular intervals, you also receive a few coins as a reward by holding them. There should be a maximum of 25 million Deep/Onion Coins. This number should be reached at the current speed of 2027. 18 million of these coins have already been mined by the developers so that they could be sent to the users as free “Airdrops”. In this Deep Onion differs from other crypto currencies, which mostly started with a big advertised Initial Coin Offering. However, this did not put a damper on the DeepOnion Coin price.

The ONION Coin development is far from finished, the roadmap is long. However, the developers have already set themselves some goals for 2018. In this respect, the forecast does not look so bad at all.

DeepOnion – Who is behind the Bitcoin revolution?

In the sense of the Bitcoin revolution review, the team behind the coin prefers to remain anonymous. However, the team still seems to be striving for active development and to talk transparently about its work. On Bitcointalk there is a lively exchange between the team and the community. On the official website it can be seen that the team consists of veterans and experts around social media, search engine specialists and blockchain developers.

Coin transactions are masked with a multi-layer protocol (hence the original name of the network as an onion). This makes it difficult to trace the transactions. With the DeepSend option, the wallet enables you to conceal the transactions even further. Behind this is a complicated procedure and costs a few additional fees. Thanks to “Zero-Knowledge Proofs”, the recipient still knows that the transaction is the right one and that everything has been done correctly. Another feature of the crypto currency is the DeepVault, a data memory based on the blockchain. Here, too, the team takes cryptography to heart; the data in the DeepVault should be secure and encrypted against unauthorized access. DeepOnion Vote Central is a platform that enables confirmed holders of a DeepOnion Coin Wallet to participate in democratic decisions regarding the crypto currency. Vote Central is to be implemented in the first quarter of 2018.

Investment income via CFDs or funds

Brokers recognized the potential of crypto currencies quite early. Meanwhile, many CFD brokers have switched to offering difference contracts for the crypto currency segment as well. Traders profit here from the opportunity to make a profit in bull and bear markets.

At the same time, the crypto fund sector is increasingly developing further. Currently, the possibility of issuing ETFs is being pursued intensively. But the crypto market can also be used to earn money indirectly – through blockchain ETFs. Income from this segment is included in investment income. As is well known, the latter are subject to the final withholding tax (solidarity and church taxes are levied additionally) of 25 percent.

Sell BTC & Co.: Capital gains

Where cryptocoins are actually owned, the bases of taxation differ. These are capital gains and losses. Means: Anyone who buys BTC and sells it again after less than 12 months falls into this category. If this period is exceeded, i.e. if BTC and Co. are sold after more than one year, taxation based on the speculation period is waived.

Mining as a tax issue

Trading cryptocoins is one thing. From the point of view of the tax office, mining falls into a special category. Income earned as a miner in Germany does not fall under capital income, but – according to the view of the lawyers – belongs to the income from a business enterprise. This fact is relevant in several respects, for example with regard to costs for mining (hardware and electricity) and the aspect that trade tax – at least in theory – can become an issue. However, miners in Germany (due to electricity costs) do not have the best position.

The fact is that revenues from crypto currencies are taxable in Germany. The challenge, however, is the proof. Brokers issue certificates and proofs for this. In the case of the well-known trading centres in this field, the situation quickly looks quite different, which can present the individual trader with considerable challenges.